Cool Classics Red Wine Pack


Malbec | Mendoza, Argentina | Kaiken ‘Clásico’ | 2018

This is the most popular red wine on our list. Argentina has made Malbec its own and it is no coincidence that a country famous for its steak and beef found the perfect wine to wash it down with. This Malbec has tonnes of soft plum fruits, an intense purple colour and just a touch of oak which gives the wine a soft roundness more so than a discernible oak flavour. Gorgeous!

Tempranillo | Rioja, Spain | Hacienda El Olmo | 2015

Rioja is one of the most famous wine regions in the world, growing mostly red grapes with Tempranillo being by far the most widely planted. Some of the wines from this region can age for decades and decades and although some of these wines command high prices, in general Rioja offers remarkable value for money. This wine is a great example of the region. On the nose you get the textbook aromas of strawberries from the grape and vanilla from the oak and on the palate you get a medium bodied soft fruited wine with great balance between fruit, tannin and acidity. This wine is remarkably drinkable, so be warned!

Nero d’Avola | Sicily, Italy | Baglio del Sole | 2017

This wine was recently awarded Best Nero D’Avola in the world for its price category and it is easy to see why. The wine has black cherries, blackberries and just a little kick of spice at the end that really sets it apart. A really wonderful wine.

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