Summer Favourites Red Wine Box


Merlot | Côtes de Duras, France | Dm. des Allegrets | 2016

This wine comes from a small winery that has been in the same family for over 500 years. The family has embraced tradition and modernity with all of the grapes now grown bio-dynamically; which means the wines are made and grown to the highest organic standards. Lots of plump red fruit, very easy to drink with great depth and complexity.

Tempranillo | La Mancha, Spain | Torre de Rejas | 2018

This has been the Old Street house wine for the past couple of years and try as we might we can’t find anything that comes close to beating it in terms of value for money. Tempranillo is an amazing grape varietal and makes some of the most delicious and long lived wines in the world. The great wines of Rioja been made predominantly with this varietal. This wine has lovely red and dark forest fruits, think strawberries and blackberries. It is full-bodied so goes great with red meats but is also soft and rounded so very easy to pour a second glass.

Touriga Franca Blend | Douro, Portugal | Sogevinus ‘850’ | 2018

The Douro valley in Portugal is famous for its port production but also its great red wines made from any number of unpronounceable indigenous red grape varietals. This cracking red wine from port and winemaker Sogevinus is no different. It’s a blend of many of those indigenous varietals and comes together to give a lovely and pure fruit driven wine.

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