Summer Selection White Wine Box


Blend | Dao, Portugal | Grao Vasco | 2018

Citrus and stone fruit, the wine has lovely rich, round texture backed up with refreshing acidity. This region, the Dao, is more famous for its reds but this wine is a real crowd pleaser and appeals to most wine drinkers.

Sauvignon blanc | Loire Valley, France | Les Anges | 2019

A soft, approachable style Sauvignon blanc that still retains the hallmark minerality of the Loire valley. Delicious with white fish or all on its own!

Zalema | Condado de Huelva, Spain | Edalo Blanco | 2018

A crisp and light white wine with a hint of tropical fruit, this is a great pairing for any shellfish. From the south of Spain bordering Portugal this wine is made from the local grape variety Zalema.